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Fancy Panda’s tunes are based on improvisational play, since the
ever-changing harmonies and rhythms are the band’s Ace in the Hole. But,
for archiving purposes, the genres that Fancy Panda tread are mainly
RnB, Jazz, Swing, Funk, Soul, Pop and Blues.

Working as session musicians in Chania for many years, and exploring the
music boundaries on the way, an inevitable collaboration sprouted from
the 3 young musicians. Having played together in multiple groups before
and realizing the chemistry between them, the only logical conclusion
was the creation of a band that could blend all of their individual
traits into a unique musical amalgam. With Giouli’s exceptional vocals,
Pantelis’ hypnotizing rhythms and Nick’s special jazz/classical aromatic
blend, Fancy Panda is bound to be an elixir for success.